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Our Portfolio


Economic Development

Infrastructure Projects

  • Cell C Call Centre, Sandton 8 000sqm
  • Cell C Regional Offices, Durban, Port Elizabeth 2 000sqm
  • Eskom, regional offices 2 500sqm.
  • Telkom SA, Milpark 6 800sqm regional office.
  • Givaudan Head Office, Linbro Park 5 000sqm
  • Citibank Regional Offices, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth 1 000sqm
  • Bryanston Wedge office park, Sandton 5 500sqm.
  • Atlas Copco, 8 000sqm warehouse with 3 000sqm offices.
  • SKF South Africa 8 000sqm warehouse with 2 800sqm offices
  • Guardforce, Jhb International Airport, 3 500sqm warehouse with 700sqm offices.
  • Lonehill Shopping Centre extension and refurbishment 15 000sqm.
  • Parktown office suites 7 500sqm.
  • MSAS 5 000sqm.
  • Saambou Bank Fourth Dimension 2 000sqm.
  • DVI, 2 000sqm.
  • Regus Business centres 4 500sqm.
  • E-Trade 3 000sqm.
  • Primedia Publishing 2 200sqm head office.
  • Allianz Insurance, 1 700sqm head office.
  • CNA, South Africa, 1 000sqm.
  • ASA is an independent project management company.
  • In-house qualified Construction and Project Managers.
  • In-house qualified Chartered Quantity and Building Surveyors.
  • In-house qualified Information Technology specialist Project Managers.
  • Proven track record of delivery in terms of quality, time and cost.
  • Proven in-house project programming and co -ordination systems.
  • Quality Assurance systems.
  • In-house property management experience.
  • Considerable expertise and experience in negotiating leases.
  • Experience in facilities management
  • Experienced in Integrated Project Management
  • Experience in property management
  • Proven experience of tendering and procurement
  • Tried and tested systems and procedures
  • Extensive approved contractors list
  • In house qualified Chartered Quantity and Building Surveyors.
  • Proven track record of delivery in terms of quality, time and cost.
  • Proven in house project programming and co -ordination systems.
  • Quality Assurance systems.
  • ASA are an independent property consultancy earning fee-based remuneration.
  • Proven track record of delivery in terms of quality, time and cost.
  • Proven track record of delivery of complex/specialist projects.
  • Proven in house project programming and co-ordination systems.
  • Quality Assurance systems.
  • In house building life-cycle costing experience.
  • International expertise to compliment South African experience.

These summaries are included to demonstrate examples of the above capabilitiesin Project management and programme Management. More detailed information is contained In Annexure B (Profile Section).

DAVEYTON 12 (development of 500 top structures: Gauteng Province)

  • Technical Evaluation and Remedyingof all 278 previously incomplete Structures
  • Design ; Construction, Supervision and Monitoring the surplus 500 Structures

CHIEF ALBERT LUTHULI (Development 10 000 Houses: Gauteng Province)

  • Beneficiary Administration
  • Opening of Township Register)
  • Detail Design (Roads and Storm water)
  • Detail Design (Water and Sanitation).
  • Environmental management plan.
  • Urban and township establishment process
  • Implementation of top Structures

Township Economic Hubs

• Purpose

The aim of this programme is to provide a suite of interventions to aid and grow informal businesses in Townships in order to enhance the ability of these businesses that will result in the creation of decent work opportunities and increase economic activity in Townships. The project is intended to target the youth of Gauteng given the high level of unemployment rate among this population group. The project will focus on three types of Township Hubs which are envisaged to have the core business/service function and provide other services related to the core business of the hub.

• Backyard Mechanics are the common economic activities in Townships. Many of these mechanics operate either to augment their salaries from formal mechanics or others operate workshops as their primary source of income. Many of the mechanics are not accredited by vehicle manufacturers and as such they are not able to access the market of vehicles on warrant and on motor plan. This is because the vehicle manufacturers only support vehicles being serviced at workshops that have been officially accredited.

Scope of Work

The Detailed Business Plan and Implementation Roadmap as following:

  • Site selection for the establishment of 2-5 Township Automotive Hubs including making arrangements for availability/access /Usage of identified land
  • Process for selection of Township Hubs
  • Design Township Enterprise Hubs
  • Model for Site management
  • Operations Model
  • Cost of total implementation
  • Framework /Procedure to select participants for each Township Enterprise
  • Explore cashless model at the site
  • ICT system for efficient operation
  • Social Marketing / Community engagements
  • Exploring green energy
  • Implementation approach for each type of Enterprise Hub.
  • Branding of the hubs.
  • Gautrain Development
  • Jewellery Manufactory Precinct

Corporate Profile9MINING BELT EMERGENCY RELOCATION (15 000 beneficiaries: Gauteng Province)

  • Social facilitation and stakeholder management
  • Subsidy management
  • Registration of Target Community
  • Migration of informal settlement

ETWATWA Extensions 9; 10; 18 & 36 (Development of 10 000 Houses)

  • Storm Water Management Plan
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • General Plan Approval
  • Design of Infrastructure

ETWATWA 34 & 36 (Housing Development of 1200Houses;Gauteng Province)

  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation

ALRA PARK (Gauteng Province)

  • Township register opening
  • General Plan Approval
  • Design of Roads & Storm water; Water & sanitation & Top Structures.
  • Implementation of Top structures

INXIWENI (Housing development of 121Houses in Gauteng Province)

  • Beneficiary Administration
  • Opening of Township Register
  • Detail Engineering Design (Roads and Storm water)
  • Design Approval Water and Sanitation
  • Implementation
  • Procurement/Tender
  • Implementation

KWA-THEMA EXT 2, 3 & 5 (Housing Development of 653 Houses in Gauteng Province)

  • Beneficiary Administration
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation

DIEPSLOOT WEST (Development of 100 Houses in Gauteng Province)

  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation

WINNIE MANDELA (Development of 200 Houses in Gauteng Province)

  • Administration of Township
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation

RONDERBULT Potion 2,9 &35 (Gauteng Province)

Preliminary Designfor 1641 stands

  • Dolomitic Stability Investigation
  • GeoTechnical Investigation
  • EIA scoping approval
  • Noise Impact Study
  • Traffic Impact Study

MEYERTON ERF 72 & 78 (Housing development of 1400 Houses in Gauteng Province)

  • Urban Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Design

TSHEPO 500000(Ekurhuleni Corridor)

The program is a four pillared intervention intended to give hope and enable the unemployed youth, women, people with disabilities and children born of military veterans to participate in the mainstream of Gauteng economy through training and skills development, sustainable jobs and entrepreneurship development opportunities within the term of the current provincial administration. The program is expected to deliver 500 000 sustainable jobs within the term of the current provincial administration.

  • Development of Edward NathanSonnenbergs Inc.
  • Development of City Bank
  • Gauteng Department of Infrastructure(ProjectManagementOffice for 2012to 2016)
  • Campus Dimension Data
  • Verizon
  • Tshikululu Social Investments.

Corporate Profile16Yeovillle Urban Regeneration: Johannesburg Development Agency. (2004-2007)

Appointed for the Yeovillle High street Development Urban Regeneration Strategy and the Project management Implementation Phase. Implementation Budget of R85 Million

Greater Ellis Park Precinct Project: Johannesburg Development Agency.(2004-2006)

To prepare an urban regeneration Blue print for the preparation of World Cup 2010Implementation Budget R1.9 Billion

The Urban Regeneration and upgrade in the Inner City of Joburg (Joubert Park Area). (1999-2003).

This included the complete urban redesign and upgrade of roads and Stormwater in De Villiers Street, King George Street, Noord Street, Leyds, Klein von Weillligh, Bok streets and Wanderers Street. Moreover, the relocation of Taxis to the new taxi rank. The objective of the project was to create safer roads and better infrastructure for all users, which was achieved. The participation of BEE companies achieved in this regarding was 100% HDI. This was one of the JDA inner city renewal projects.

Brief: Master & Urban Planning ProjectThe Faraday Collage: Precinct Development.(2003-2006)

Brief: Master & Urban Planning ProjectInner City –Braamfontein Corridor Precinct Planning(2003-2005)

Greater Kliptown Development Project (2003 to 2006)

Appointed to implement and manage BEE strategies and policies and delivery on the R500 million Kliptown infrastructure project.

  • To develop and implement strategies through out the Greater Kliptown Cluster Developments that would ensure greater Socio-Economic Empowerment of the local communities.
  • To develop strategies that would ensure skills transfer and development in line with the National skills development framework
  • Job Creation strategies by increasing labour content (intensive labour construction methods)
  • Provide priority support to SMME and contractor’s development
  • Formalise informal business skills development and training
  • Create new and diversified business opportunities for informal enterprise to formal through facilitation with bridging finance institutions.
  • Review, Monitoring, Auditing of socio-economic objectives of the project.

North-West Province Eradication of Informal settlement Programme:

During the registration process, the informal settlement would be ring fenced, by using GPS technology and satellite images to record coordinates in creating an imaginary fence.

The purpose of the ring fencing wasto:

  • Set the boundary of the settlement
  • Using the boundaries to determine and control growth within the informal settlement, assist in the identification of an informal settlement in terms of name and specific location.

Using the ring fence method to allocate specific data pertaining to the specific informal settlementtoenable the Department of Housing to use the information gathered during the registration process to plan towards the goal of eradicating all informal settlements by 2014, the purpose of the registration would be to establish the following primary fields of information:

In order to meet the challenges and achieve the Department’s goal to eradicate the informal settlements, it was imperative that the Department address the following issues:

(i)Conduct a comprehensive province-wide informal settlement needs and requirements assessment.

(ii)Compile a programme Plan/Action plan with a 5 Year Time Line horizon for implementation.

(iii)Establish a reliable and functional informal settlement database.

(iv)Design and Implement an effective and efficient tracking, monitoring mechanism for informal settlements. (Satellite Imagery Solution).

(v)Compile guidelines for the effective management of informal settlements in the province.

Re-development of MABOPANE Station Precinct (2002 to 2007)

ASA are currently involved as Principal Project Management Consultants of the above project with the mandate to create the Mabopane Inter-modal transportation facility and Skill. The re-development entails the complete upgrade of Mabopane station, which is the third largest railway station in South Africa behind Joburg Park station and Cape Town station. Two taxi ranks and a bus terminus around the overall development in order to create an inter-modal transportation hub for the Mabopane, Shoshanguve and Hammaskrall Townships.

The redevelopment includes:

  • Civil infrastructure and related services
  • Access roads from the Mabopane highway linking Shoshanguve,
  • The Mabopane Railway station Main Building.

Mabopane railway Station Intermodal Transportation Facility

The development of 4 new railway stations and infrastructure

To the value of R100million in the Katlehong Township including all the Stormwater,sewer reticulation and access roads to the stations as part of the Kathorus Presidential Project. The objective of the project was to create better infrastructure for the community of Katlehong, which was achieved. The participation of BEE companies achieved in this regard was 79% HDI with 85 % of consulting appointments being from HDI. This waspart of the Kathorus Presidential Project.

The redevelopment includes:

  • Access roads from the Mabopane highway linking Shoshanguve,
  • Civil infrastructure and related services
  • The Mabopane Railway station.
  • Two taxi ranks and a bus terminus around the overall development in order to create an inter-modal transportation hub for the Mabopane, Shoshanguve and Hammaskrall Townships.
  • Traders Market development.
  • Maintenance of Railway line from Park Station to Naledi Station.

Regularizationand Transfer of Ownership (Retro) Title Deed Project

ASA is currently involved as the Project managers for the above project with the mandate to

  • To formulate and implement a policy for Regularization & Transfer of properties. (22, 000 2nd Directive properties in relation to City of Joburg properties in all 11 Regions of COJ).
  • Formulate policy and implement framework for debts write-off to ensure transfer at no cost to beneficiaries.
  • Formulate policy and review mechanism on Mediation and arbitration to ensure a Fair and transparent process.
  • Creative approach and policy into transferring Sectional title properties.
  • Creative approach through detailedbusiness plans into creating sustainabledevelopment and settlements through Retro Project.
  • Expedite and issue Title deeds to beneficiaries

Some of the Projects undertaken by the ASA team, in South Africa;

  • JDA: -Urban roads development in Western Joubert park (JHB)
  • JDA: -Development of Westgate taxi rank at the Westage railway station
  • SARCC:-Development of the Park station taxi rank in Johannesburg station
  • Restoration of Park station (Johannesburg) after fire damage (2002)
  • SARCC, Restoration of Katlehong to Kwesine stations (2001) after damage
  • SARCC, Construction of Katlehong Railway station
  • SARCC, Construction of Lindela Railway station
  • SARCC, Construction of Kwesine Railway station
  • SARCC, Construction of Pilot Railway station
  • Citibank Head Office, Sandton 12 000sqm.
  • Andersen Head Office, Melrose Arch 4 000sqm.
  • Ericsson Head Office, Woodmead 10 000sqm
  • Cell C Head Office, Sandton 5 000sqm