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Integrate Development Approach

ASA operates Three main clusters of business units as one, fully integrated business:

Project Packaging

Project packaging centres around the structuring of development solutions (process and end-result) to fulfil the needs of our clients. The expectations of the client matched with the identification of suitable land for specific purposes or via the strategic analysis of properties/opportunities to gauge optimal development solutions.

Proposals on the process, timeframes and financial implications are structured in line with the social-, financial- and environmental goals of the client.

Project packaging includes:

  • Analysis of current situations;
  • The identification of opportunities and trends;
  • The structuring of projects;
  • Facilitating effective partnerships;
  • Obtaining support from the relevant authorities; and
  • Identifying sources of funding and managing the processes required to secure such finance;

Project packaging is a proficiency in ASA Programme Services which includes the compilation of development and management plans, business master plans for land development, land release strategies, strategic housing focus programmes, land incorporation issues, structure planning, settlement and re-development programmes, tenure upgrading programmes, viability analysis and development visions relating to the following development spheres:

  • Residential;
  • Commercial;
  • Recreational / sport;
  • Industrial;
  • Environmental; and
  • Legal / tenure.
  • ASA Programme Services has always viewed continuity in project initiation, planning and implementation as being paramount to ensure that projects ranging from residential developments to industrial parks and shopping malls are end-productive driven.

    Project Estimation

    ASA are experienced in the provision of cost estimates and timeframes for the planning phases of any land development project. We ensure the utilisation of the best possible process to protect the investment and reach the development goals of our clients.

    Project Team Coordination

    ASA has fulfilled the role of lead consultant with great successes as is reflected in past and current projects.

    The management of professionals through all the development stages, is vital to the success of any land development project.

    ASA Programme Services specialises in fulfilling this function, which ensures that:

    • The client is provided with one contact point regarding the status of the project process (prior to construction);
    • Appointment of professionals correlate with the tasks expected of them to obtain the specific end-result.
    • Time frames and budgets are set and adhered to;
    • All required technical processes are co-ordinated and the distribution of information between professionals is effective in order to avoid time-delays between processes;
    • Standards of technical process specifications are adhered to; and
    • Input received from various professionals are managed and solution-orientated;
    • Our experience and knowledge of the services required from various professionals, such as geologists, architects, land surveyors, attorneys, engineers, etc. have resulted in the timeous resolution of hindrances without affecting project programmes.

      Due to our considerable involvement in larger-scaled development projects, we are in an ideal position to source suitable professionals that range from consulting engineers to conveyances, architects and contractors. In most cases, our clients (private and institutional alike), prefer to appoint our firm for town planning, land survey, facilitation and project management since all these specialised services are available under one roof and therefore usually results in considerable budgetary savings

      Business Consulting – Concentrated under the ASA Consulting brand are business units, offering services ranging from strategic and business process consulting, project services, change management, supply chain optimisation and education. Our Business Consulting business units focus on delivering solutions and services into both the Public and Private sector. Business Consulting focuses on thought leadership, designing new strategies and building solutions.

      Technology – Through a number of subsidiary companies, ASA is able to sell, implement and support a range of world-class business applications including:

      • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
      • Business Intelligence (BI),
      • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS),
      • e-Commerce and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES),
      • Document Management and Control Systems, and
      • Workflow Systems.

      Services offered by the Technology business units include Project Management, Software Configuration, Software Integration, Systems Architecture Design, Program Developments and Enhancements, Software training and Technical Support.

      Outsourcing – Outsourcing Partners seeks to partner companies who wish to concentrate their organisation’s resources on their core business activity, but at the same time require professional, world-class business process and IT support. This is achieved through the overall management of specific business processes, particularly those that are technology-intensive, as well as the management and operation of software applications used.

      Our Business Process Outsourcing unit recognises that clients do no wish to do everything themselves. This unit will typically run the back office processes for clients including the Finance, HR and Payroll functions. Clients outsource certain of their business processes to us in terms of a long-term contractual arrangement. These services are conducted either at the client’s premises or at our BPO Service Centre.

      Quality Management Solutions – Delivering quality client services supported by a key underlying standard is of key importance to ASA. We therefore offer our business partners access to the ISO accreditation standards by the SABS through the employment of the best people available in the industry. This service is delivered by our partner EQS, which is also accredited by the SABS.

      Records and Document Management Solutions – Every business needs to manage its business records, which means saving, storing, retrieving, using, protecting and destroying the information it creates and receives. A comprehensive, properly structured records management programme results in reduced costs and better-managed risks.

      ISO has published ISO 15489:2001, which provides guidelines for the development of records management policies and strategies as well as discussing the processes of capture, storage, monitoring and training. Our document and records management solutions comply with all ISO and National and Project related standards, including ISO 15489.

      Management Services – The project, programme and financial management functions in ASA Programme Services originated from a need to ensure comprehensive and result-orientated services and products. Based on our experience and knowledge of the development environment and our unparalleled information network, we are able to provide a one-stop service to developers, communities and authorities throughout Southern Africa.

      Industry Expertise

      We leverage our industry specific experience and advanced technology know-how to rapidly deploy solutions that deliver a positive contribution to the clients bottom-line.
      ASA operates in all major industries: Financial Services, Public Sector, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities, Construction, Education, Information, Communication and Technology